Canned Dubias

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Canned Dubia Roaches dubia roaches
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We offer two sizes of canned dubia:

  • Medium — approx 25 roaches (17.5g)
  • Large — approx 25 roaches (35g)

When you're short on live dubias and your next shipment is still a few days away, canned dubias can be lifesavers! 

Our freshly-preserved canned dubias are similar to live dubias in terms of nutritional value, and reptiles love them! If your pet is not a fan, you can mix them with other insects or greens/salad to get them used to the idea of pre-killed prey.

Each can has a shelf life of up to three years unopened, and comes with a plastic lid for resealing after the pop-top has been opened. Cans should be stored in the fridge and used within one week after opening.

Please note: We do not recommend feeding canned or dead insects to your pet except for as a treat, or as a back up for when you run out of live insects. It is very important that your reptile receives the enrichment that live insects offer!