Cabinet Stand for 36x18 Enclosure

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Cabinet Stand for 36x18 Enclosure

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Enclosures (and accessories like spacers/hoods) may typically take up to 1-3 business days to process and 3-5 business days to ship.

Cabinet Stand for 36x18x18 (50 Gallon) and 36x18x12 (33 Gallon) Enclosure

We offer 2 styles of our cabinets:

V1- our original, more square style, looks best with V1 enclosures

V2- has rounded edges and looks better with newer enclosures

V1 cabinets are compatible with V2 enclosures and vice versa.

Dimensions: 38x18x18


*The discount code "NEWCUSTOMER" and other regular coupons cannot be applied to enclosures or enclosure accessories, including stands or hoods. This exclusion is due to the already competitive pricing of these items and the standard flat rate shipping charge of $7.95, which remains consistent regardless of their weight or size.*