Arcadia Solar Basking Flood - 150 Watt

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Arcadia Solar Basking Flood - 150 Watt

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Flood-style heat bulbs create a larger basking area and provide more even heating than spot-style bulbs. Using heat lamps rather than heat mats also helps create warmer air temperatures (ambient heat), resulting in a more comfortable environment for your reptile and safer, more efficient basking.
If you need a bulb that creates a wide basking area and gentler heating than halogen, the Arcadia Solar Basking Flood is a great choice!
  • 150 watts
  • standard E26 fitting
  • Includes UVA to aid wellbeing and color vision

Instructions for Use:

If mounting this bulb inside your pet's enclosure, make sure to install it inside a heat lamp cage to safeguard your pet against burns.

Plug your heat lamp into a surge protector to maximize lifespan and prevent premature burnout.

For best results, use with a proportional (dimming) thermostat and alongside a species-appropriate UVB system.