Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage

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Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage

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If you need to install a heat lamp inside your reptile's enclosure rather than resting it over the screen mesh, then you need a heat lamp cage to protect it. While contact burns usually aren't a risk with turtles, tortoises, and terrestrial lizards, snakes and arboreal lizards are at particular risk of coming into direct contact with interior heat lamps and suffering severe burns.

The Arcadia Heat Lamp Safety Cage is an easy to use, stylish product that fits simply over a lamp and ceramic lamp holder. The cage has a sprung door on the bottom to allow and easy change of lamp and has flat eyelets for fixing screws.

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Full wire safety cage for heat lamps
  • Suitable for heat lamps, heat projectors, and ceramic heaters up to 150W
  • Sprung door for lamp removal