Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel - 50g

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Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel - 50g

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What feeds your bugs, feeds the reptiles that eat them! Take your reptile's nutrition to the next level by actively gutloading your feeder insects, not just keeping them from starvation.

Arcadia EarthPro InsectFuel is a blend of dried plants, fruits, full spectrum carotenoids, vitamins and minerals to accurately feed and nourish feeder and pet insects. It contains no bran and no phytic acid, which is a known calcium absorption inhibitor. Bee pollen is also part of the formula, making it a potent and balanced bee pollen rich source of nutrition for live insects!
  • Daily diet for feeder insects
  • Feed dry or re-hydrate with water
  • All natural and totally non-toxic
  • Resealable pouch for longer shelf life
  • Can also be used for herbivorous/omnivorous pet insects!

Instructions for Use

Always keep your feeder insects in a well-ventilated tub with food and water.

Arcadia Reptile InsectFuel can be mixed with warm water and allowed to cool to form into a paste. This is great for nourishing and hydrating your feeder insects at the same time without causing spillages. Alternatively, you can feed it dry as long as you provide a separate source of hydration (our Dubia Dew is a great hydration solution!).

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein — 16%
  • Crude Fats & Oils — 4%
  • Crude Fiber — 19%
  • Moisture — <8%


Alfalfa Meal (UK), Calcium Carbonate, Carrot Powder, Protein Powder, Spinach Powder, Mineral Clay, Dextrose, Carotenoid, Papaya Powder, Bee Pollen.