Arcadia Ceramic Reflector - 8" Graphite

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Arcadia Ceramic Reflector - 8" Graphite

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The Arcadia 8" clamp lamp is a fully inclusive kit, containing everything you need to install heat bulbs over your reptile's enclosure. Using the Arcadia vivarium adapter, you can fit it inside a reptile enclosure as well, if needed.

This lamp also includes a removable wire mesh covering! This important mesh helps stop reptiles from coming into direct contact with exposed heat bulbs and getting burned. It also increases the distance between your heat bulb and your enclosure's screen top, increasing beam spread and decreasing the likelihood of damage.

This fitting is ideal to be used with Arcadia D3 UVB coil bulbs and Arcadia Halogen heat bulbs.


  • hand spun reflector dome
  • adjustable C clip
  • removable safety cage
  • fully adjustable clamp assembly
  • internal terrarium adapter
  • interior installation kit
  • in-line on/off switch

Lamp diameter: 8"

Color: Graphite

Maximum wattage: 250w