Adult Dubia Pairs

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Adult Dubia Pairs

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Adult dubias make great feeders for large insectivorous or omnivorous reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Males tend to be faster than females, which is a great way to offer some enrichment by making your lizard work a bit more for their food. Females are meatier than males and slow-moving, making them extra nutritious and easy to catch for slower species.

Planning to start your own dubia colony? You need both males and females to make it work, so this package is a great way to get started.

Worried that we’re just going to send you old, burnt-out breeders? Never fear! You will receive a random mix of adult dubia that range from freshly molted adult males and females to several month-old males and gravid females.

To prevent potential choking, lizards should not be fed dubia larger than their heads. Dubia should always be lightly dusted with calcium powder prior to feeding.

We generally do not recommend buying adults unless you really need instant production. Many places will sell you old breeders. While we don’t do that, adults are still less hardy than nymphs (younger dubia) and will be more susceptible to die in shipping.


We do all counts by weight in grams, and we always weigh heavy to insure over count for dead and undersized dubias.

We do not ship dubias to Florida, Hawaii, or outside the US.


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