4x2 Rock Mats

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4x2 Rock Mats

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We do not plan on restocking these, but will have new mat products for all of our enclosures very soon!

Thinking about using paper towels, reptile carpet, or terrarium liner in your reptile's enclosure? Our Rock Mat is the best new reptile liner on the market. It has a beautiful natural aesthetic, lasts for years, AND it's easy to clean!

Available in two colors: Dark (black), or Desert (orange).

This product is cut to perfectly fit inside our 48"x24"x12" (60 gallon) and 48"x24"x24" (120 gallon) PVC reptile enclosures. It may be used with other enclosures with a similar footprint, but manual trimming may be required.

Return Policy: 

Only unopened mats can be returned at our discretion.