Reptile Rescue Directory

We are passionate about supporting reputable reptile rescues and the essential work that they do in our community. If you are looking to add a pet reptile to your home, we strongly recommend that you consider adopting one from a rescue before going to the pet store or even contacting a breeder. To help support them in this effort, in 2021 we donated a total of $100,000 to 42 different small nonprofits!

The following is a list of active 501(c)(3) reptile rescues in the US. 
You can see some of the animals these rescues have up for adoption HERE.

If you adopt one of the rescue animals listed on our site, we will send you a free month's worth of bugs! 


Alaska - View All

Jonathan's Reptiles


Arizona - View All

Crystal's Critter Haven

Eclecteri Tortoise Rescue & Sanctuary

Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary

Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education

Haus of Voodoo Reptile Sanctuary


California - View All

Cali_FID Parrot & Exotic Rescue Sanctuary

California Turtle & Tortoise Club

Creepy Critters Rescue


Gzsafari Park Reptile Rescue

JnW Reptile Rescue

Northern California Herpetological Society

Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network

San Diego Herpetological Society

Southern California Herpetology Association & Rescue


Colorado - View All

Colorado Reptile Humane Society


Florida - View All

Critters Exotic Pet Rescue

Fallin' Pines Critter Rescue

Happy Hides

Hernando Reptile and Exotics Rescue

Hexxuss Reptile Rescue & Retirement


Georgia - View All

Georgia Reptile Society


Idaho - VIEW ALL

Snake Haus

Southern Idaho Reptile Rescue 



Copper's Friends Bearded Dragon Rescue



Scaly Tailz


Kansas - View All

Crimson Exotics

Dragon Country Reptile Rescue



Louisiana Exotic Animal Resource Network


Maine - View All

HerpHaven Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary



Medusa’s Misfit Rescue


Michigan - View All

Saving Scales Reptile Rescue of Michigan

Wild Whiskers

Dragon Queen Reptile Rescue


Minnesota - View All

Crimson Exotics



Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue


Nebraska - View All

The Lizard Lighthouse Rescue Service


New York - View All

Rhonda's Reptiles

Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue


New Hampshire

Fresh Start Rescue (NH Branch)


New Jersey
Crimson Exotics


North Carolina - View All

BeWild Reptile Rescue

A Dragon's Den: Reptile Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, and Learning Center

Fresh Start Rescue

Wild Discovery


North Dakota

Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue


Ohio - View All

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue

Herps Alive Foundation

For Goodness Snakes8 Rescue and Rehab Center



Snakes Alive Exotics Rescue and Sanctuary



Beautiful Dragons Reptile Rescue


Pennsylvania - View All

Christina's Reptile and Animal Sanctuary

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary

Heart Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary

Marie Exotics Reptile Rescue

Moonlit Jungle Rescue



Alamo City Reptile Rescue

Eden Animal Sanctuary

Fletcher's Reptile and Bird Rescue

Lumpy Lizard Reptile, Poultry, and Exotics Rescue

Nature's Edge Wildlife & Reptile Rescue

North Texas Reptile Rescue

Ray's Reptile Rescue

Texas Reptile and Small Animal Rescue



Wasatch Exotics Rescue



Safe Haven Critter Rescue


Virginia - View All

Blue Ridge Reptile Rescue

Bougie Beardies Reptile Rescue

Southern Paws VA Animal Rescue

Reptile Rescue of Central Virginia



Washington - View All

Crimson Exotics

Federal Way Fish & Reptile Rescue

Little Lives Small Animal Rescue

Snake Haus

Tiny Tails and Scales Rescue


West Viriginia

The Reptile House


Wisconsin - View All

Archie's Angels

Badgerland Reptile Rescue

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue

Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue

LARR: Lakeshore Avian & Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary

The Misfit Zoo Project


If you know a great 501(c)(3) reptile rescue that deserves to be on this list, please leave a comment with their name, website, and why you recommend them!