Los Angeles, CA

We ship high quality live insects to Los Angeles including Dubia Roaches, NutriGrubs, Hornworms, Superworms, Mealworms, and Waxworms. You can order them directly from us by visiting our Shop.

If you'd like to shop local, see below for some local LA Pet Stores that buy their insects from us. You can also view our recommended LA Vet Clinics.

If it's your first time ordering live insects from us, use the code NEWCUSTOMER for 10% OFF!

Due to the weather in the warmer part of the year that can get up to around 90 degrees in LA, we generally advise you to have your order held at the local PO if you can, this minimizes the risk of losing any of your order because of the temps. During the cooler parts of the year this is also a good idea, as temps start to go below 50 degrees.

Dubia roaches are a great option as they are hardy bugs that can live a long time when kept correctly, if you do have your AC turned on in the summer months it may be a good idea to have a heat source such as a heat mat for your dubia roach feeder bin, even more so when it gets cold so that they don't get too cold. Hornworms and soldier fly larvae (nutrigrubs) are two other excellent options that grow very quickly when warm so be prepared to cool them down a little in the door of your fridge or a drinks fridge/wine cooler during the warmer part of the year. When it cools down this suits both hornworms and the larvae as this will help to slow their growth without any assistance! If you need further information, feel free to find us on Facebook, email us at orders@dubiaroaches.com or send a text to 888 833 8242, we welcome all inquiries!


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