Why do my hornworms seem small?

Hornworms are notorious for growing very quickly, and for this reason, they are also known to be difficult to ship. The only way we can ship them and ensure that they reach our customers in a usable state and also suit our wide range of customers who use them for different reptiles or other insectivorous animals, is by shipping them fresh and small, most suppliers will not bother doing this and this is why you will find they come huge and with a container full of poop! Doing it this way allows them some time to grow in transit and still be small enough to be able to live a good amount of time, if they arrive smaller than you expected all you need to do is leave them at room temp for a couple of days, or slightly warmer for less time and watch them grow!
When you pay for the different sized hornworms, you pay less for them mediums because they come in a smaller cup with less food, the larger will arrive in a bigger cup with more food to allow you to grow them to either size respectively, we do not advertise our hornworms as smalls when we list them because even though they start out their journey as smalls, they will more than likely be at least medium size when they reach you.

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