How do I house/store mealworms?

Keeping mealworms is very easy to do. After you have ordered your mealworms from, they will arrive in a small plastic tub. It's best to take them out of this transport container and transfer them to a permanent form of housing, which can be a plastic tub or critter keeper. If using a tub, make sure to poke plenty of holes in the lid for ventilation.
Fill the tub with a few inches of edible substrate such as oat bran or uncooked oatmeal and add some pieces of nutritious vegetables for a source of water. Also make sure to provide a lid or small paper plate with food for gut-loading.
Mealworms kept in tubs together generally don't pupate into beetles, but it has been known to happen. If you accidentally end up with a beetle or few, you can try feeding it to your pet or use them to breed your own mealworms. Many exotic pets quite enjoy eating darkling beetles!