Common Bearded Dragon Behaviors

Bearded dragons exhibit many different behaviors which can all indicate how they are feeling or what they need, when people think of reptiles they generally consider them to be quite indifferent in general but dragons are actually very expressive. Here are some of the most common behaviors they exhibit and what they mean.
• DIGGING - If your female dragon is digging at its substrate then it could mean that she is getting ready to lay eggs, you will need to arrange for her to see a vet and possibly prepare a lay bin for her to lay her eggs comfortably. If your dragon is male or simply younger, they could just be curious and exploring their surroundings.
• GLASS SURFING - This is often because they are seeing their own reflection, they cannot tell the difference between their reflection and another dragon and will often try and dominate or submit to themselves and you may need to cover the sides of the tank to prevent them from seeing themselves. This can also mean something is off in the habitat, such as teams being too low or too high and this should be checked. They can also do this when they are just bored and wish to explore.
• GAPING MOUTH OPEN - There are a couple of reasons your dragon may do this, if they are sitting in their tank on their basking spot and open their mouth while sitting, they are just thermo-regulating, this can be likened to when a dog is panting and trying to cool down and means they are warm. Check temps and if they are not too high there is nothing to be concerned about. They can also do this when angry or defensive and may hiss at the same time.
• TAIL TWITCHING - Tail twitching can occur when they are hunting or when they are getting ready to defend themselves, or find a mate. You will usually find this happens if another dragon is around or at mealtimes when hunting their bugs. If another dragon is in their presence and you notice the tail twitch this can be a warning sign that a fight may be about to break out and the dragons should be separated.
• (A) BLACKBEARDING - This is a sign of dominance if there is more than one dragon present, their beard is how they express dominance by puffing out their beard and turning it black to look big and scary, this can also occur if they are looking at their own reflection.
• (B) BLACKBEARDING - Blackbearding can also be a sign of distress, if your dragon is acting out of sorts and/or lethargic and also displaying a black beard this can be a sign that something is wrong and your dragon needs medical attention.
• THE WAVE - It is both a signal of presence & submission,
• THE HEAD BOB - Dominance, aggression, or mating head bob trying to look threatening

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