Are Bearded Dragons Aggressive?

May 14, 2020

are bearded dragons aggressive

In general bearded dragons aren't considered an aggressive reptile; you can hold them and interact with them without fearing they will try to hurt you. Beardies have a remarkably mild temperament, which makes them one of the friendliest reptiles one can own. The exception is if a dragon has been mistreated by, or never socialized with people and has not grown to recognize humans as no threat to them.

However, bearded dragons are not cuddly pets like cats and dogs; they are more fragile and will not understand if you were to attempt to play with them as one would with a furry pet. If you handle them roughly or they get scared, they can bite out of self-defense. Depending on the age and size of the dragon, this can cause a painful wound; this is Important to bear in mind, particularly if you have small children. You must teach children to be responsible and handle your pet with care to avoid any harm coming to the child or your bearded dragon.

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