Can Bearded Dragons Have Baby Food?

Can Bearded Dragons Have Baby Food?

Certain kinds of baby food can be used; not all types are safe or healthy for them. You only want to use one made from a staple that your dragon can have every day since it is more difficult to measure precisely how much of a type of vegetable you are giving to them. It is much more easily swallowed and digested by your dragon. Butternut squash, pumpkin, and sweet potato are good examples to use. Avoid any baby foods that aren't organic or that have any added sugar. Always check the ingredients list as there can be surprise ingredients added that might not be good for your dragon, such as concentrated lemon juice which is a common additive in baby food. Generally, fruit baby foods should be avoided as fruit should only be offered sparingly to your dragon anyway. 

Baby food can be a useful way to supplement your dragon if they require a nutrient boost and finding it challenging to swallow regular food. It can also be used as an excellent smoothie base for a nutrient boosting smoothie when blended with other staple greens and having some supplements added along with a couple of their staple feeder insects and can then be syringe fed. Sometimes it is also used as a salad topper to entice your pet to eat their salad.

Bearded dragons are dry climate lizards that enjoy live feeder insects like dubia roaches and hornworms and fresh salads with collard greens, mustard greens, and turnip greens and should not be offered baby food as par for the course in their diet. Still, it should be reserved for situations when they need a nutrient boost or need to be enticed into eating salads. Dragons have been known to get spoiled into not eating their regular salads because they have been given baby food too regularly, live foods, fresh greens, and vegetables are more healthy for them. 


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Hi Thrawn — We can’t recommend any particular brands. Just check the ingredients list on any baby food you’re considering. Ideally, it should be organic and as free from additives (especially sugar) as possible. And of course, never use a baby food that contains an ingredient that is known to be harmful to bearded dragons, such as avocado.

What brands are good to use?


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