Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun Terrarium Hood, 20"

Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun Terrarium Hood, 20"


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UVB is an essential wavelength naturally found in sunlight, and is beneficial for most — if not all — reptiles. UVB is critical to helping your pet’s bones stay healthy and strong, and plays a role in a variety of other essential functions.

The Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 Terrarium Hood is designed to maximize the UVB and UVA output and lifespan of your T8 UVB bulb. This low-profile design includes a mirror-polish curved reflector, making it more effective than other T8 fixtures.

Instructions for Use:

The 20" Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 Terrarium Hood is compatible with 18" T8 UVB bulbs such as the T8 ReptiSun 5.0 and 10.0.

Place on the warm side of the enclosure. The UVB should span roughly half the length of terrestrial enclosures, or the full length of arboreal enclosures. If placing your fixture on top of a screen lid, please note that UVB is partially blocked by mesh up to ~40%.

To maximize the lifespan of your UVB bulb and hood, plug the hood into a surge protector.