Zoo Med Natural Cork Rounds Small

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Zoo Med Natural Cork Rounds Small

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Enclosure décor is a very important part of setting up a functional reptile enclosure. While it may simply look pretty to you, the right enclosure décor can increase the amount of usable space available to you pet, offer exercise opportunities, create hiding places, and generally increase your reptile's sense of security and wellbeing.

Cork rounds are popular for terrarium décor because of its light weight, durability, and mold resistance. Reptiles often like them because they are well textured for climbing and feature holes on the inside that are perfect for hiding! 

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Will the cork grow mold in a humid environment?

Cork is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it is difficult to wet, and due to its near impermeability, mold finds it challenging to grow. It can even be used in water as a floating decoration.

Can I use this as a hide for my bearded dragon?

While this may be usable for very young bearded dragons, older dragons are unable to be able to fit inside a small cork round, and may even get stuck if they try. 

Is it hard to cut?

You can break pieces off by hand if you want to, or use a blunt implement to separate parts off until you have the desired size, most people find it easiest to shape by hand.