Zilla Vertical Decor Broken Branch

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Zilla Vertical Decor Broken Branch

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All of our reptile and amphibian friends have different wants and needs when it comes to their basking spots and their hides, being able to cater to those needs is crucial to helping them feel at home. When your pet feels more secure, it helps reduce stress, which can increase their appetite and overall wellbeing.

Providing decor for arboreal species can often be difficult because of their need to be off the ground, which makes them feel secure, and the limited space in the terrarium. Give your companion a convenient space to enjoy their favorite meal with the Zilla Vertical Decor Rock Feeding Ledge.  The Zilla Vertical Décor uses strong suction cups that allow these realistic decor pieces to stick to the glass higher up where your gecko, frog, or snake to feel safer. Made from hard foam and painted to blend into the terrarium, these lightweight and durable pieces of décor offer your pet an all-new way to eat, bask, or hide. Zilla Vertical Decor Rock Feeding Ledge also includes two reusable feeding dishes to fill with your reptile buddy’s favorite food and water.

  • Broken branch that features a realistic look for your companion to enjoy.
  • Strong suction cups for secure attachment to the side of your terrarium.
  • Resilient and lightweight, will stand the activities of your pal.
  • Ideal for sticking to higher up glass where your gecko, frog or snake might feel safer.
  • Gives your reptile buddy the perfect place to bask and warm up.


Dimensions: 10.875" x 5.75" x 7"

Other styles: Mushroom Feeding Ledge, Rock Feeding Ledge, Rock Cave


1. Could I use this for my leopard gecko?

This piece is designed to support the weight of any pet up to five pounds.


2. Is this hard foam? Will it dent if pressed?

If you press it hard enough, it will dent when cleaning care should be taken not to scrub too hard, or the foam can be damaged.


3. Does this need to be mounted, or can it sit?

The way this is made it will need to be mounted, it would not sit properly on its own.


4. How strong are the suction cups?

Very strong, not like your normal suction cups, as long as mounted properly they are very secure.


If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to submit them in the comments below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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