Zilla Terrarium Liner, 75 gallon

Zilla Terrarium Liner, 75 gallon


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Terrarium liners are an easy-to-clean "substrate" for reptiles that are in quarantine due to recent acquisition, disease, or illness. They also can't be accidentally ingested, making them suitable for use with particularly young reptiles. 

Zilla Terrarium Liners are an easy, fuss-free alternative to other terrarium liners, which can be messier and harder to clean. Made from an absorbent, non-abrasive material that won't irritate sensitive feet, these liners are also treated with a biodegradable enzyme that reduces reptile odors.

Dimensions: 17.25" x 47.25"

Suitable for: 70 gallon, 90 gallon

Instructions for use:

Simply roll out the plush green or brown carpet and cut to size if needed. Place the carpet on the bottom of the terrarium and line up to the edges.

Cleaning Instructions:

The Zilla Terrarium Liner should be removed and cleaned once a week to prevent waste and bacterial buildup. Use a nontoxic, unscented liquid dish or fabric detergent to remove organic waste, then rinse. Soak with veterinary disinfectant or bleach solution, allow to sit for at least 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and let air dry completely before placing in your reptile's enclosure.

To prevent the spread of disease, never wash the liner in a sink or bathtub used by humans, or make sure to disinfect thoroughly immediately after contact.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I put this through the washer?

To clean thoroughly rinse with cold, clean water, allow to dry, then replace it into your reptile's terrarium. If you do not use disinfectant when washing Zilla Terrarium Liners, the liner must be replaced once a month to minimize bacteria and odors.

2. Does this carpet absorb heat and cause overheating of my pet?

This material is safe to use with heat lamps and will not cause overheating.

3. Can I use this for my bearded dragon?

This product can be used with any terrestrial reptile.