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Rescue: Wild Whiskers
Location: Kalamazoo, MI 
Intake Date: 2022
Species: Red Eared Sliders & Yellow Bellied Sliders
Sex: Unkown
Age: 5+ years old

Two large Red Eared Sliders and one large Yellow Bellied Slider available for adoption. All are around 8 inches in length. They are all very friendly and will be begging for treats as soon as you walk in the room. They will even eat right off of your tongs! 

They all three get along great together but do not have to be adopted together. However, I do not recommend housing them with any other turtles because they all are known to pick on new-comers. These guys are about as big as they are going to get, for size comparison they are basically the size of a dinner plate. 

Turtles are HIGH MAINTENANCE pets who will require your attention for the next 50+ years. They will need a 100 gallon stock tank (size of tank will increase if adopting more than one turtle), a water heater, and a canister filter or something of similar power. Their enclosure will need to have basking area where they can fully emerge from the water, a basking light, as well as a UVB light. They should be provided with a wide variety of food including but not limited to live fish, snails, bugs, commercial pellets, canned shrimp, fresh greens, and calcium block.

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