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Rescue: Wild Whiskers
Location: Kalamazoo, MI 
Intake Date: 9/2021
Species: Ball Python
Sex: Unknown
Age: 1 year

Torch was one of four Ball Pythons who were surrendered to Wild Whiskers together. Upon pick up by our transporter they had discovered them all together, in a garbage bag left next to the dumpster, It was very disturbing to witness these beautiful, living creatures discarded like trash by their prior owner. We don’t take these situations lightly, so we have dedicated ourselves to finding these snakes the BEST of the best for their new forever homes. Torch, named after one of the Fantastic four, has not been sexed, so their gender is unknown. 

What we do know is Torch is a fantastic snake. Easy to handle and very docile. Torch eats frozen/thawed prey. We believe pre-culled prey is the safer, more humane option. so we highly encourage adopters to continue frozen/thawed feedings as long as Torch continues accepting them. 

Torch should never cohabit, and no animal adopted from Wild Whiskers is permitted to be bred, whether intentional or accidental. Understand that every animal adopted from Wild Whiskers comes with a no-breeding agreement signed by the adopter. Our minimum enclosure size requirement for Ball Pythons is a 40 gallon. We expect adopters to provide an enriching enclosure that also has supplemental UVB and a temperature gradient. We hope Torch can find their perfect forever family within your home and we are excited to get to know you!

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