Subadult Leopard Gecko Variety Pack

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Subadult Leopard Gecko Variety Pack

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Offering a variety of foods is essential to ensure that your leopard gecko receives the balanced nutrition that it needs to be healthy. The Subadult Leopard Gecko Variety Pack contains:

  • 100 Medium Dubias ($18)
  • 100 Large NutriGrubs ($5)
  • 12 Medium Hornworms ($5.95)
  • 50 Large Mealworms ($3)

The Subadult Leopard Gecko Variety Pack is recommended for leopard geckos 3 to 9 months old.* Subadult leopard geckos should be fed every 2-3 days. The digestive system of a sub-adult leopard gecko allows them to be digested more easily than other reptiles.

NutriGrubs and hornworms can be offered without calcium powder, but dubias and mealworms must be dusted with calcium prior to feeding.


*Suggestion only. Individual leopard geckos grow at different rates. As a general rule, do not feed your lizard feeders that are bigger than the space between their eyes. (there are exceptions to this rule, such as hornworms which can be fed slightly bigger due to their lack of an exoskeleton)