Subadult Chameleon Variety Pack

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Subadult Chameleon Variety Pack -
$ 28.95

Offering a variety of foods is important to make sure that your chameleon receives the balanced nutrition that it needs to be healthy. The Subadult Chameleon Variety Pack contains:

  • 100 Medium Dubia ($18)
  • 100 Large NutriGrubs ($5)
  • 12 Medium Hornworms ($5.95)

Recommended for chameleons 6 to 9 months old.* Adult chameleons should be fed every other day.

NutriGrubs and hornworms can be offered without calcium powder, but dubia roaches should be dusted with calcium prior to feeding.

*This is only a suggestion and will depend on both the age and size of your chameleon. As a general rule of thumb, do not feed your chameleon insects bigger than the space between its eyes (worms are an exception).