Panda King Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

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Panda King Isopods (Cubaris sp.)

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'Panda King' isopods (Cubaris sp.) are a type of isopod native to Vietnam, known for their banded black/dark gray and white pattern. Aside from their distinct pattern, this species can be identified by their highly domed body shape and armored appearance. They're also able to curl into a tight ball!

As part of a bioactive terrarium, Cubaris sp. contributes by breaking down food waste, feces, and rotting foliage. These isopods are particularly known for their burrowing tendencies, which helps keep your substrate well-aerated.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Size: 1cm / 0.4"

Preferred temperatures: 70-80°F

Preferred humidity: High

Reproductive rate: Moderate