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Rescue: BeWild Reptile Rescue
Location: Durham, NC
Intake Date: 6/1/2022
Species: Boa Constrictor
Sex: Female
Age: Adult, young

Olive is a beautiful common boa constrictor that was unfortunately surrendered in pretty bad shape. She was emaciated and malnourished and at 5 years old, extremely stunted. Olive has many scars from live rodent bites and from a vitamin C deficiency, but she has made an amazing recovery and we are so excited to have her up for adoption.

Olive's skin has healed really well and she has had multiple perfect sheds. She has never refused a meal for us and has been enjoying frozen/thawed rats and small chickens. She is a SUPER sweet snake who came to an adoption event with us and stayed out with volunteers for an hour, she was very calm and curious.

Olive's full size is unknown--often, stunted snakes will stay smaller, but it's impossible to predict. She's about 1000 grams and 3-4' at the moment. Right now, her minimum recommended cage size would be a 4x2x1 enclosure, but if she ever does reach full size (8'), we would recommend a 6x2x2 enclosure.


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