Mrs. Gimp

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Mrs. Gimp

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Rescue: Central MS Turtle Rescue
Location: Florence, MS
Intake Date: 8/12/2020
Species: Gulf Coast Box Turtle
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Local pickup, or we will ship to an approved FedEx Ship Center (adopter pays all shipping costs associated with Priority Overnight Shipping). 

Mrs. Gimp is a young adult male *Gulf Coast Box Turtle was hit by a car in August 2020. He suffered some shell damage, and also lost both back legs. He gets around fine, but will need a monitored environment that doesn't require a lot of climbing or balancing. She will also need to be monitored for egg laying. Female turtles will lay eggs even if they are not fertile. Because Mrs. Gimp doesn't have back legs, she can't dig a hole, which can make her become egg bound and threatens her health. She will require yearly x-rays and monitoring to ensure she does not become egg bound. She also will need her plastron (bottom) monitored to ensure that she is not rubbing it raw. Dirt for substrate is fine, no rocks or anything sharp.

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