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Rescue: Wild Whiskers
Location: Kalamazoo, MI 
Intake Date: 2022
Species: Ball Python
Sex: Unknown
Age: 2 years

Meatball is your typical Ball Python, easy to handle and docile. Meatball eats frozen/thawed prey very well. We believe pre-culled prey is the safer, more humane option, so we highly encourage adopters to continue frozen/thawed feedings as long Meatball continues accepting them.  

For Meatballs safety he should never cohabit. Anyone adopting from Wild Whiskers must understand that breeding of our adopted animals is prohibited, and adoptees are expected to sign a no-breeding agreement at time of adoption. Our minimum enclosure size requirement for Ball Pythons is 40 gallons. We expect adopters to provide an enriching enclosure with both a UVB light and a temperature gradient. We hope Meatball can find their perfect forever family within your home and we are excited to get to know you!

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