Large Butterworms

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Large Butterworms

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SALE Coming soon will no longer be selling butterworms. This was not a decision that we made lightly, but ultimately, we feel that it is best for all parties to discontinue offering this feeder.

Butterworms are very high in fat and phosphorus, and while that's okay as part of a well-balanced diet, they are also cost-prohibitive to distribute. Furthermore, because butterworms must be imported from outside the US, this limits our ability to control quality, and at the end of the day, providing only the best for our customers and their pets is our highest priority. If you’re looking for a staple feeder, we recommend dubias and NutriGrubs instead.


What are butterworms? Butterworms (a.k.a. Tebo worms) are the larval stage of the Chilean moth (Chilecomadia moorei). They are commonly used as fish bait, but also make great treats for amphibians, reptiles, and even invertebrates. 

Nutrition Facts:

  • Moisture — 60.2%
  • Protein — 15.5%
  • Fat — 29.4%
  • Ash — 0.8%
  • Fiber — 1.4%

Due to their high fat content, butterworms should only be given as occasional treats. Always make sure to dust butterworms with calcium powder before offering to help balance their nutritional profile.


To store butterworms, keep them in the door of your fridge or in a wine cooler at 42-45°F. At these temperatures the worms can stay fresh without food or water for up to 3 months.