Giant Mealworms (Cupped)

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Giant Mealworms (Cupped) -
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Giant mealworms are normal mealworms (Tenebrio molitor beetle larvae) which have been treated with S-Methoprene, a hormone that acts as an insect growth regulator. This hormone prevents larvae from turning into beetles, which makes them to grow bigger than usual. 

S-Methoprene is not known to cause illness in reptiles and amphibians, but it may affect pet invertebrates such as tarantulas and scorpions.

Our Giant Mealworms are each ~1.5" long, which is a good size for feeding adult leopard geckos, bearded dragons, ackie monitors, and larger tarantulas and scorpions. If you need a worm bigger than our Large Mealworms, but smaller than Superworms, then the giant mealworm is perfect for you!

Our pre-cupped option is a convenient alternative to "boxed" or "bagged" feeders. Plus, if you're a pet stores or resellers, our mealworm cups offer a professional pre-packaged solution.

How often should giant mealworms be offered?

Giant mealworms can be used as a regular part of your pet's diet, preferably as part of a rotation with at least two other types of "staple" feeder insects.

Giant mealworms should always be lightly dusted with calcium powder prior to feeding.

How to care for giant mealworms:

Mealworms should be kept chilled in a wine cooler or the top shelf of a refrigerator door between 42 and 50 degrees. They will become dormant and stay fresh for up to 30 days.