Galapagos Cholla Wood, 36"

Galapagos Cholla Wood, 36"
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Natural wood is great to use as both functional and attractive decor in arid and desert terrariums. Use it as a basking platform, to create a natural-looking hideout, or just as something for your pet to climb and enjoy!

Galapagos Cholla Wood is actually a fallen desert cactus skeleton, so it makes a classic and natural-looking decoration for desert terrariums housing any type of desert reptile or invertebrate. It also makes good, natural-looking perches for birds.

You can also use cholla in aquariums! Its porous and fibrous texture attracts shrimps and aquatic microfauna, and it's naturally a good anchor for growing aquatic plants. Plus, cholla wood has natural tannins that lower aquatic pH gradually and naturally! 

Length: ~36"