Fluker's Ceramic Heat Emitter, 60w

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Fluker's Ceramic Heat Emitter, 60w

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Ceramic heaters do not make a good source of daytime basking heat. If you are looking for a basking heat bulb, we suggest the Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp or Zoo Med Repti Tuff Halogen Lamp as an alternative!


Ceramic heat emitters (CHEs) are heat "bulb" producing heat without light. This is because they produce Infrared C wavelengths, which are a longer wavelength of infrared radiation that excels at warming the air in an enclosure. Although they're not a good source of basking heat, CHEs excel at boosting the air temperature inside terrariums, particularly for nighttime.

The Fluker's Ceramic Heat Emitter uses a large, circular emitter to increase the amount of area it can heat evenly and can be used with reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic pets that need a little extra warmth.

For optimum, safest performance, use with an Exo Terra Wire Light fixture and Exo Terra Thermostat 100w