Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot, 100w

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Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot, 100w

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This bulb does not produce UVB.

As poikilotherms, reptiles are extremely dependent on having access to a sun-like source of heat where they can warm their bodies as needed to regulate their metabolism. The purpose of a basking lamp is to simulate the heat produced by the sun and thus support reptiles' thermoregulatory needs. Both diurnal and nocturnal reptiles should have access to a heat lamp and basking temperatures appropriate to their species.

The Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot is a heat lamp specially designed for use in terrariums where it is likely to get misted or splashed with water. Standard heat bulbs are likely to shatter or experience reduced life under these conditions, but the Swamp Basking Spot is designed to be durable, creating a safer basking source for your pet!

Light/Heat Beam: 40-60°

Color Rendering Index: CRI 87

Color Temperature: 2600K

Approximate temperature* by distance below bulb:

  • 4 inches — >122°F
  • 8 inches — 97°F
  • 12 inches — 90°F
  • 16 inches — 87°F
  • 20 inches — 84°F
  • 24 inches — 82°F

*Based on 68°F room temperature.

The Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot is a narrow-beam spot lamp. For best results, use at a distance of at least 8" to prevent the development of dangerous hot spots which may burn your reptile. For species longer than 8" snout to vent length, or 8" coiled diameter, we recommend using a cluster of multiple bulbs placed close together. This more evenly heats your reptile's body, promoting even circulation and optimal thermoregulation!