Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot, 100w

Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot, 100w
$ 16.99

The Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot is a splash- and mist-resistant basking spot lamp designed for use in aquatic or extremely humid terrarium set-ups, where high humidity or accidental water spillage could cause a regular basking lamp to burn out or shatter. 

This bulb does not produce UVB.

Light/Heat Beam: 40-60°

Color Rendering Index: CRI 87

Color Temperature: 2600K

Approximate temperature* by distance below bulb:

  • 4 inches — >122°F
  • 8 inches — 97°F
  • 12 inches — 90°F
  • 16 inches — 87°F
  • 20 inches — 84°F
  • 24 inches — 82°F

*Based on 68°F room temperature.