Exo Terra Hinged Screen Cover, 10 Gallon

Every terrarium needs a screen lid for security and ventilation. Get the Exo Terra Hinged Screen Cover at Dubia.com!

A screen cover is an essential component of any reptile terrarium. Having a lid on your terrarium is important for preventing the animal from escaping, but it also keeps household pets such as dogs, cats, and birds from bothering or endangering your reptile. Screen lids also make an extremely handy place for arranging heat lamps, UVB lamps, and grow lights while protecting your reptile from direct contact.

The Exo Terra Hinged Screen Cover is designed for maximum convenience, with a hinge in the middle so the enclosure can be accessed without having to move all of your lamps! 

For best results, we strongly recommend using Exo Terra Screen Cover Clips to help ensure that your cover stays put, and Zilla Mounting Spring Clips to prevent lamps from falling.

Dimensions: 20"L x 10"W