Exo Terra Glow Light, Large

Reptile heat bulbs can't be used with just any old lamp, as this can be a fire hazard! Get the Exo Terra Glow Light instead at Dubia.com.
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As poikilotherms, reptiles are extremely dependent on having access to a sun-like source of heat where they can warm their bodies as needed to regulate their metabolism. The purpose of a basking lamp is to simulate the heat produced by the sun, and thus support reptiles' thermoregulatory needs. Both diurnal and nocturnal reptiles should have access to a heat lamp and basking temperatures appropriate to their species.

Heat bulbs can't be mounted in just any lamp fixture, however. To reduce the risk of fire, and maximize bulb longevity and output, it's best to mount your bulb in a ceramic-socket dome fixture like the Exo Terra Glow Light. As an additional feature, the Glow Light is coated with an inner lining that glows when the lamp turns off, creating a gentle glow that helps your pet transition into nighttime.

This multi-purpose fixture fits a variety of screw-based bulbs, such as the: Daytime Heat Lamp, Intense Basking Spot, Daylight Basking Spot, Halogen Basking Spot, Repti Glo Compact 2.0, 5.0 & 10.0, Infrared Basking Spot, Solar Glo 125W, etc.

Dimensions: 10" diameter

Maximum bulb wattage: 200w

DO NOT use the Exo Terra Glow Light with Exo Terra Terrariums. Instead, use the Exo Terra Light Dome with the Exo Terra Light Bracket.