Exo Terra Feeding Rock

Exo Terra Feeding Rock


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Exo Terra's Feeding Rock is an easy to use aid for feeding insects to your reptiles and amphibians. It reduces the amount of supplement needed as it retains excess powder that can then be reused. The feeder prevents vitamin residue on the substrate, which may be dangerous as it can harbour harmful bacteria, especially in humid terrarium conditions.

    • No mess
    • Saves valuable supplements
    • Stimulates natural feeding behaviour
    • Ideal to 'coat' crickets with vitamins
    • Natural look
    • Easy to clean

    - Pour an ultra-fine powder supplement into the deeper part of the Feeding Rock.
    - Add a maximum of 10-20 crickets (depending on size).
    - Place the two pieces together and shake gently until all insects are 'coated'.
    - Place the Feeding Rock in the terrarium.
    - Remove the plug.