Exo Terra Canned Shrimp
Exo Terra Canned Shrimp

Exo Terra Canned Shrimp

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Not very many reptiles naturally eat shrimp, but aquatic turtles sure do! As a type of whole invertebrate prey, shrimp are a high-protein, low-fat addition to your pet turtle's diet.

Exo Terra Canned Shrimp make a great, shelf-stable backup source of food for emergencies, and are a good way to increase the nutritional variety.

    Instructions for Use:

    Feed to your turtle right out of the can, either with feeding tongs or just letting them float. Discard any uneaten shrimp after 24 hours.

    Refrigerate after opening and discard after 7 days.


    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Crude Protein (min) 10%

    Crude Fat (min) 0.8%

    Crude Fiber (max) 2.0%

    Ash (max) 3.5%

    Moisture (max) 85%


    Shrimp (Macrobrachium nipponense)