Arcadia Deep Heat Projector, 50w

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Arcadia Deep Heat Projector, 50w

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Reptiles are ectotherms ("cold-blooded") which means that they can't produce their own body heat — instead, they rely on their environment to produce that heat for them. In nature, that heat source is the Sun. In captivity, it is our job as reptile keepers to find a heat source that mimics the Sun as closely as possible for optimum health. 

Did you know that there are actually three different types of heat? Heat comes in the form of infrared wavelengths of varying intensity:

  • Infrared A (strongest)
  • Infrared B
  • Infrared C (weakest)

Infrared A and B are the strongest wavelengths, naturally produced by the sun, and artificially produced by halogen bulbs. These strong wavelengths of heat energy deliver warmth the way the sun does in the wild — deep into your reptile's muscles and organs, raising your reptile's core body temperature more effectively. Infrared A and B also warm the objects they come in contact with. So if you place a basking rock under a heat source that produces Infrared A and B, the rock warms up, creating "belly heat" for your reptile.

Infrared C is the weakest wavelength, produced when Infrared A or B come into contact with an object. Infrared C is also known as radiant heat, and is artificially produced by products such as ceramic heat emitters, heat mats, heat tape, and radiant heat panels. This weaker wavelength is capable of warming reptiles, but it takes much longer for them to reach optimal core body temperature, making it a less efficient method of heating.

The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector is the first lightless heating device that produces Infrared A and B in significant quantities, making it a stronger, more focused, overall better alternative to ceramic heat emitters.

Approximate Temperatures:

  • 6" below DHP: 131°F
  • 6" below DHP: 113°F
  • 12" below DHP: 97°F
  • 16" below DHP: 84°F

Instructions for Use:

Because it doesn't produce light, the Arcadia Deep Heat Projector can be used as a primary heat source in low-light habitats or for providing nighttime warmth as needed.

The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector should be used with a dimming (proportional) thermostat, not a pulse (non-proportional or on/off) thermostat. You should check the temperature with an infrared thermometer.

For best results, use the Arcadia Deep Heat Projector with a ceramic socket heat lamp fixture. If access to the bulb is not blocked by mesh, use a heat lamp cage to prevent contact burns.

The Arcadia Deep Heat Projector is not a suitable alternative to halogen flood heat bulbs, which are the best option for daytime heating.