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Rescue: BeWild Reptile Rescue
Location: Durham, NC
Intake Date: 7/16/2022
Species: Bearded Dragon
Sex: Female
Age: 10 years old (approximate)

Carmine is an older adult female bearded dragon. She is a beautiful, bright orange leatherback who eats both her insects and salad. Carmine is a sassy lady who is not the biggest fan of being handled. She is a big lady who has been to our vet multiple times for a few chronic health issues. Carmine's right eye is abnormal, she's had multiple tests run and while it's not infected and doesn't appear to be painful, she does keep it closed sometimes and we don't think she can see out of that eye. However, her left eye works normally and she still eats and can see well in general.

Carmine has also been spayed, as she had significant reproductive disease when she was surrendered. During the surgery, a large cystic mass was also removed from her liver, likely related to her reproductive disease. Carmine has recovered well from the surgery and while she's doing better, our vet told us there is a small chance she could have future reproductive issues, as the surgery was very complex and she couldn't guarantee all of the tissue was removed. Carmine's adopter should be prepared to seek vet care, at the very least yearly physicals to ensure she maintains her good health.

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