Buzzatii Fruit Fly Culture (Beige)

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Buzzatii fruit flies (Drosophila buzzatii) are small, slow-moving fruit flies from arid habitats in South America. Despite their larger wings (great for carrying calcium and vitamin powders!), like D. hydei, they are flightless and less likely to escape from your terrarium.

Fruit flies make excellent feeder insects for many small frogs, invertebrates, and micro species of reptiles, as well as hatchlings. Mantids, jumping spiders, dart frogs, mourning geckos, electric blue geckos, small day geckos, and young ocellated skinks are all likely to appreciate fruit flies as part of their diet!

Before feeding, tap the fruit flies you intend to use into a separate container with calcium powder, then gently swirl/shake until evenly coated.