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Rescue: Central MS Turtle Rescue
Location: Florence, MS
Intake Date: 6/26/20
Species: Gulf Coast Box Turtle
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Local pickup, or we will ship to an approved FedEx Ship Center (adopter pays all shipping costs associated with Priority Overnight Shipping). 

Bugs is an adult male Gulf Coast Box Turtle who was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic break to his carapace on the left side. Part of the shell was missing, so he healed with a large gap. It is completely healed, but since it is open, he is prone to getting dirt stuck in there. He'll need that area cleaned regularly. His adoptive family will also need to make sure there's nothing in his enclosure he can get his shell edges caught on. If he were to get it caught on something, it could rip and cause further damage.

Bugs is healed, but has been displaced, meaning we do not know his point of origin. Since box turtles have high site fidelity, releasing him anywhere other than his home range would result in him wandering aimlessly, and likely into the path of danger. Since we don't know where his home range is, it is in his best interest to adopt to a qualified home rather than release him.

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