Baby Bearded Dragon Variety Pack

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Baby Bearded Dragon Variety Pack -
$ 23.00

Offering a variety of foods is important to making sure that your bearded dragon receives the balanced nutrition that it needs to be healthy. The Baby Bearded Dragon Variety Pack contains excellent staple feeders for growing bearded dragons:

  • 200 Extra Small Dubia ($14)
  • 200 Medium NutriGrubs ($9)

The Baby Bearded Dragon Variety Pack is recommended for hatchling bearded dragons up to about 1 month old.* Baby bearded dragons can eat A LOT, so make sure to stock up! Baby bearded dragons should be offered insects 2x/day, and fresh greens once per day.

NutriGrubs can be offered without calcium powder, but dubia roaches should be dusted with calcium prior to feeding.

*This is only a suggestion, and will depend on both the age and size of your bearded dragon. As a general rule of thumb, do not feed your bearded dragon food bigger than the space between its eyes. This is mostly true with newborn beardies.