Arcadia EarthPro RevitaliseD3

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Arcadia EarthPro RevitaliseD3

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Arcadia EarthPro RevitaliseD3 is the result of years of research and development. Most reptiles are better termed as being ‘opportunistic omnivores’, that meaning that they sometimes encounter whole animal protein in the wild diet. They may obtain most of the D3 that they require after exposure to natural sunlight and vitamins A and E from plant compounds, but there could still be a shortfall due to largely insect and plant based captive diets.

EarthPro ReVitaliseD3 was developed to be safe and easy to use. The risks of over supplying vitamins A and D3 can be high with the super potent powders that can be found in the hobby, especially because reptiles are generally vulnerable to vitamin overdose. These levels of potency are not required when using modern UVB lighting and when feeding a full and varied diet.

Instructions for Use:

For carnivores and omnivores, Arcadia EarthPro RevitaliseD3 should be dusted on feeders by sticking the feeders in a bag and shaking gently until lightly coated. For herbivores, EarthPro RevitaliseD3 should be lightly dusted on salad.

This supplement is designed to be optimally used within the EarthPro Feeding Programme at either feed 8 or 16 for keepers with the correct UVB and heat. ReVitaliseD3 can also be used safely at every 2nd or 3rd feed for those that choose to use no or low UVB. Arcadia's program is designed to provide balanced nutrition and to keep your pet in the best of health at all times.

EarthPro ReVitaliseD3 has all of the benefits of EarthPro-A, but with added magnesium and low levels of preformed A, D3 and E. It can be used alongside EarthPro-A and EarthPro CalciumProMg to provide nutritional excellence.

However, remember — no one powder or food can do the job on its own! We have to incorporate variety to provide for our animals properly.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein — <8%
  • Crude Fats and Oils — <0.80%
  • Crude Fibre — <1.00%
  • Moisture — <5.00%
  • Vitamin A (Retinol) — 50k iu/Kg
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) — 5k iu/Kg
  • Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol acetate) — 150 iu/Kg
  • Total Calcium — 21.74%
  • Magnesium (MgCo3) — 8%


B vitamin complex; Vitamin B1 8mg/kg, Vitamin B2 12.8mg/kg, Vitamin B6 16mg/kg, Vitamin B12 40mcg/kg, Vitamin K 4.8mg/kg, Nicotinic 64mg/kg, Pantothenic 32mg/kg, Folic Acid 4mg/kg. Biotin 800mcg/kg.

Mineral Clay; SiO2 57.74%, Al2O3 18.23%, Fe2O3 3.09%, CaO 1.93%, MgO 4.19%, K2O 3.03%,Na2O 1.72%, P2O3 0.13%, TiO2 0.39%, Mn3O4 0.08%, V2O5 <0.05%, Cr2O3 <0.05%.

Amino Acid complex (vegetable base) g/kg finished product; Lysine 6.36, Methionine 1.99, Cysteine 1.27, Threonine 4.93, Trytophan 1.19, Valine 5.57, Leucine 8.59, Isoleucine 4.69, Phenylalanine 5.25, Tryosine 4.77, Histidine 1.75, Arginine 4.37, Glycine 4.05, Alanine 4.05, Aspartic Acid 10.26, Glutamic Acid 9.06, Proline 4.05, Serine 4.37


Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Clay, Amino acid complex (Vegetable), Magnesium Carbonate, Multi Vitamin Premix, Carrot Powder, Algal Carotenoid (full-spectrum), Vitamin B Premix, Bee Pollen.