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Rescue: Ray's Reptile Rescue
Location: Abilene, TX
Intake Date: 9/15/2022
Species: Leopard Gecko
Sex: Male
Age:  Unknown

Everyone this is Alvin the Albino. Alvin is an awesome little guy not a fan of bright lights though. He does need UV light along with a heating pad and thermostat. Being albino you won't see him much during the day but dim the lights pull him out and he'll crawl all over you!!! Favorite Food: Dubia roaches and hornworms. He's a fun one to watch eat, especially with a feeder ball. Favorite toy: Feeder Ball!!! They are nocturnal if you don't mind waiting up a bit they sure are fun to watch eat! Favorite activity: sleeping and eating... he's living the dream really… Extremely social and beautiful little dude but will require just a little extra care.

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