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Rescue: Central MS Turtle Rescue
Location: Florence, MS
Intake Date: 6/18/18
Species: Red Eared Slider
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Local pickup, or we will ship to an approved FedEx Ship Center (adopter pays all shipping costs associated with Priority Overnight Shipping). 

Alice is an adult female Red Eared Slider who was shot in the head. A man was teaching his boy to shoot a pellet shooting turtles in a pond. :( Alice was the unlucky target. She has healed well, but lost sight in both eyes. She gets around fine so long as her enclosure stays mostly the same. She eats by gathering food around the edges of her tank, or by waiting for it to sink to the bottom.

*She is a large slider and will need a tank that’s wide and deep. She would not be able to turn around in most glass tanks. A stock tank or well-protected outdoor pond is preferred.

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